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Subscription and Plans

Subscription and Plans

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Published on
September 6, 2023
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December 8, 2023

1. Introduction

In the Subscription and Plans area you can easily manage your subscription, add payment methods, and view your payment history. In this article, we will explore how to:

  • Manage your current plan, including changes and upgrades.
  • Manage and add payment methods.
  • Review your payment history.

2. Subscription and Plans

2.1 Changing Plans

To upgrade or downgrade your plan in Cashflow, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, go to Settings > Subscription > Subscription and Payments.
  2. In the Current Plan section, you can see your current plan.
  3. To change the plan, click on "Change Plan", and from the plan options that appear, select the desired plan.
  4. If you want to see more details about each plan, click on "Compare Plans".
  5. You can add more user licenses to your plan by setting the quantity in the Users field.
  6. These changes are saved automatically.

2.2 Additional Modules (Add-ons)

You can add extra features that are not included in your plan. To add an additional module (Add-on):

  1. In the Subscription area, in the Additional section,
  2. Activate (check) the desired module and specify the number of licenses.
  3. Similarly, if you want to remove an add-on, simply uncheck it.
  4. These changes are automatically saved.
Plan changes and Add-ons
When you change your plan, Cashflow automatically adjusts the cost and charges your payment method. If you decide to upgrade your plan or add an extra module, the system will apply a prorated charge to your card. On the other hand, if you downgrade your plan, Cashflow will adjust the amount of your subscription. When removing an additional module, it will remain active until the end of the current period.

3. Payment Methods

To make payments on the Cashflow platform, you can use credit or debit cards. Follow the steps below to add your card:

  1. In the main menu, go to Settings > Subscription > Subscription and Payments.
  2. In the Payment Method section, click on the (+) button.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter your card information, including First Name, Last Name, Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVC code.
  4. Activate the "Use this card as Default" option if this will be your primary card.
  5. Finish by clicking "Save."

You can add other cards in case your default card has insufficient funds. To do so, simply repeat the previous step.

Security and Protection of Your Credit Cards
We take all precautions and employ advanced security measures to protect our customers' credit card information. We assure you that we do not store any of your credit card data on our platform. All transactions are processed through secure and certified processing systems (Stripe).

4. Payment History

On the platform, the "Payment History" section allows you to view all the payments you have made:

  1. From the main menu, go to Settings > Subscription > Subscription and Payments.
  2. Access "Payment History" to find a detailed list of your payments.
  3. Here, each record displays details such as payment date, plan type, billing period, amount, and an option to view and download the respective receipt.

Remember that we also send invoices to your email.

Tips & Best Practices

Here are some tips and best practices for easily managing your subscription and payments:

  1. Regular Updates
    It is advisable to regularly review and update your Cashflow subscription plan to take advantage of new features and modules that are added over time. This way, your company will benefit from the latest innovations.
  2. Alternate Cards
    It's always useful to have an additional credit or debit card registered on your account. This can be helpful in cases where your primary card has insufficient funds or encounters issues, preventing interruptions in your services.
  3. Notifications and Alerts
    Pay attention to notifications and alerts related to payments and subscriptions to stay informed about any changes or updates, as well as the renewal date of your services.
  4. Additional Modules (Add-ons)
    Before activating an additional module, it's useful to thoroughly review its features and benefits to determine if it aligns with your company's needs and goals.
  5. Payment History
    Regularly review your payment history, not only for accounting purposes but also to keep a record of your expenses on the platform and ensure they match your expectations.
  6. Contact Support
    In case of questions or issues related to payments, don't hesitate to contact Cashflow's support team. It's better to address concerns promptly.
  7. Security
    While Cashflow takes all necessary security measures, it's always good practice to regularly review your statements and report any suspicious activity.

By following these tips, you will ensure a smoother experience in managing your subscriptions and payments in Cashflow. Remember that the goal is to streamline your operations, so it's essential to become familiar with the tools and make the most of them.

Common Issues

Here is a list of common issues users may encounter and their solutions:

  1. Expired or Overdue Subscription
    After the expiration date of your Cashflow subscription, the system grants a 7-day grace period for payment attempts on the registered card. During this interval, you will receive alerts on the platform about your pending payment status. However, if no payment is made within these 7 days, the subscription will be considered expired. As a result, access to the system will be restricted until the situation is rectified. It's essential to pay attention to notifications and due dates to avoid service interruptions.
  2. Card Rejected When Trying to Pay
    Sometimes, cards can be rejected for various reasons, such as insufficient funds, bank restrictions, incorrect data, or card expiration. Make sure to review and validate your card information before attempting payment again.
  3. Plan Change Failure
    When attempting to change plans, you may encounter difficulties or errors. This can be due to temporary connection issues or inconsistencies in payment information.
  4. Non-Display of Recent Payments in History
    There may be a delay between making a payment and it appearing in your payment history. This is usually temporary. If the problem persists, it is advisable to contact support.
  5. Invoices Not Received in Email
    If you can't find your invoices in your inbox, check the spam or junk mail folder. Ensure that the email address associated with your Cashflow account is correct.
  6. Issues with Adding Additional Modules
    Some users may face problems when trying to add additional modules to their subscription. Make sure to follow the correct steps and have a valid card associated with your account.
  7. Automatic Deactivation of Additional Modules at the End of the Period
    If you do not renew or confirm the subscription of an additional module, it may automatically deactivate at the end of the current subscription period. It's essential to be aware of renewal dates to avoid service interruptions.

These are just some common issues that users may encounter. It is always recommended to consult the help documentation or contact the support team for assistance with any problems.