Expense tracking for business

Easily track, organize, and pay all your expense bills, save money on late fees, and quickly increase your bottom line.

  • Auto-updated 606 Format TXT file.
  • Record purchases, bills and expenses.
  • Keep track of petty cash expenses.
  • Set reminders for due dates.
Business woman feeling confident while tracking business expenses in her Ipad with Cashflow.
Smiling woman requesting inventory items and starting the purchasing workflow with her teammates.

Record and track your purchases

Run your purchase workflow from purchase order to bill in a fluid step-by-step process. Easily track purchase orders, incoming deliveries and record vendor payments.


Accurately track
landed costs

Easily track your inventory shipping costs from vendor to warehouse. Track purchase, shipping, insurance, custom duties and any other costs.

Confident woman accurately tracking purchased inventory landed costs on her Ipad with Cashflow.
Business woman confidently tracking petty cash using expenses from her phone in Cashflow.

Don’t let cash fall through the cracks

Record and keep track of petty cash expenses in your business. We’ll automatically add an NCF number and include them in your 606 File.


A calendar to track your bills.

Add bills to the calendar and set reminders to keep track of important payment dates. Pay on time, every time.

  • View your bills in the calendar.
  • Organize and prioritize payments.
  • Add one-time or recurring events.
  • Set reminders to never forget.
Screenshot of Cashflow's calendar feature with email reminders.
Screenshot of the easy-to-use accounts payables and outgoing payment features in Cashflow.

Organize and track your payable.

Record vendor bills, shareholder loans, customer advances and credits, and easily repay within the payments workflow.

  • Track vendor bills on credit.
  • Record shareholder loans.
  • Track customer advances.

Frequent Questions

Can I use Cashflow to track unpaid vendor bills?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to record and keep track of all your unpaid vendor bills, helping you manage your payables efficiently.

Can I use Cashflow to handle accounts payable?

Absolutely, Cashflow has a built-in Accounts Payable feature that enables you to record, track, and manage all your payables, including vendor bills and shareholder loans.

Can I attach receipts or bills to expense entries?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to attach digital copies of receipts or bills to each expense entry. This helps keep all your information organized and easily accessible.

Does Cashflow have a feature for tracking and calculating landed costs?

Yes, with Cashflow, you can track all the costs associated with getting a product from your vendor to your warehouse, including purchase price, shipping, insurance, and customs duties.

Can I generate and send purchase orders to my vendors with Cashflow?

Definitely, Cashflow lets you create and send purchase orders to your vendors directly from the platform. This helps streamline your purchasing process.

Can I convert purchase orders directly into bills or expenses in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow's built-in workflow allows you to easily convert purchase orders into bills or expenses, eliminating the need for double data entry.

Can Cashflow track payments made to vendors and link them to specific bills?

Yes, when you make a payment to a vendor, Cashflow lets you link it to a specific bill. This helps keep your records accurate and up-to-date.

Does Cashflow support multiple currencies for expenses and purchases?

Absolutely, Cashflow supports multi-currency transactions. You can record expenses and purchases in your vendor's preferred currency, making international transactions easy and straightforward.

Can I record and track petty cash expenses in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow provides a feature to record and keep track of all your petty cash expenses, ensuring that even the smallest cash transactions are accounted for.

Can I set reminders for bill payment due dates in Cashflow?

Yes, with Cashflow's calendar feature, you can set reminders for bill due dates, ensuring you never miss a payment.

Can Cashflow generate detailed reports of expenses and purchases?

Absolutely, Cashflow's comprehensive reporting tools let you generate detailed reports of your expenses and purchases, providing you with critical insights into your spending patterns.

Can I track customer advances and shareholder loans in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow enables you to track advances received from customers and loans from shareholders. This helps you maintain accurate records of all your financial transactions.

Does Cashflow allow for bulk import of expenses or bills?

Yes, Cashflow supports bulk import of expenses and bills. This feature can save you considerable time when you need to import your data from another software or insert multiple transactions at once.

Can Cashflow handle sales tax on purchases?

Yes, Cashflow automatically applies the appropriate sales tax to your purchases, using either included preset rates or ones you've defined yourself.