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Tools for business growth and team success

Bundle the tools your business needs to grow and help your team do their work the right way, every time.

  • Smart Invoicing
  • Expenses tracking
  • Bank Accounts 
  • Inventory tracking
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Dashboard & Reports
Business types

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Simplify business growth with the right tools and empower your team for success

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Service Business

Invoice clients, track expenses, collect payments, manage bank accounts and simplify your accounting and tax work.

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Retail & POS

Manage multiple stores, speed up checkouts, track inventory, and simplify accounting with built-in tools and reports.

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Inventory & Wholesales

Track inventory from PO to sales, track items across storage facilities, produce goods, and track landed costs.

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Accounting Firms

Boost your accounting practice with smart, time-saving tools. Everything you need to grow your business.

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Share the work across your team with built-in workflows. Run your business as a team.

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Roles & Access

Design roles and granular access permissions for your teams.

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Copy Documents

Move documents from one step to the next in the workflow.

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Built-in Workflows

Get the work done right every time with day-to-day tasks workflows.

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Help & Support

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Connect the apps you use to power your business. Work with the tools you love and let us handle the accounting back-end.

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“I’ve been a Cashflow user for 5 years, and the more I use it the more I love it.”

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CEO, Bancatering

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Frequent Questions

How easy is it to get started with Cashflow?

Starting with Cashflow is straightforward and stress-free. Begin by signing up and entering your business information. If you're transitioning from another system, you can easily import all your data - customers, vendors, inventory items, invoices, payments, expenses, and bills, using our bulk import feature.

Need help getting started? We understand that migrating to a new accounting platform could seem overwhelming. That's why we offer dedicated implementation services. Our team provides complete assistance throughout the setup process, ensuring a smooth transition. From importing data from your previous system to tailoring your new Cashflow account to align with your business operations, we're here to help. With Cashflow, you can seamlessly set up and run your business operations.

How can Cashflow help me manage my business?

Cashflow is a comprehensive accounting solution that empowers you to effectively manage your business finances. Here's how:

  • Invoicing and Payment Collection: Cashflow's smart invoicing system allows you to create, send, and track invoices easily. Through our integration with Stripe, you can offer online payments, making it convenient for clients to pay and speeding up your collection process.
  • Track Income and Expenses: Cashflow allows you to record and monitor all your income and expenses. With this, you can see where your money is coming from and where it's going, giving you a clear view of your financial health and helping you make informed decisions.
  • Manage Inventory: It provides a robust inventory management system, enabling you to monitor inventory levels, track items across multiple storage facilities, calculate landed costs, and produce goods. You can effectively manage your inventory from purchase orders to sales.
  • Run Payroll: Cashflow includes a payroll feature that simplifies wage calculations, including salaries, deductions, and bonuses. It integrates seamlessly with other Cashflow features, so payroll expenses are automatically included in your financial reports.
  • Reports: Cashflow offers powerful reporting tools. You can generate various reports that provide a snapshot of your financial situation at any given time.
  • Integrations: It allows you to connect with other tools you use in your business, streamlining your operations and improving efficiency.
  • Role-Based Access: Cashflow allows you to set up specific roles with customized access permissions for your team members, ensuring everyone has the right level of access to perform their tasks effectively.

By bringing all these features under one roof, Cashflow provides a complete financial management solution, helping you keep your business finances under control and driving your business growth.

Can Cashflow generate reports to track my business finances?

Definitely! Cashflow has easy-to-use reporting tools that give you a clear view of your business's finances. You can see things like how much money you're making, where your money is going, and how much stock you have. Plus, you can make your own custom reports to fit your unique needs. The dashboard also gives you a quick, real-time overview of your business's financial health. With Cashflow, you'll always know exactly where your business stands financially.

What accounting features does Cashflow offer?

Cashflow offers a suite of robust accounting features designed to streamline your financial management and make it more efficient. These include:

  • Complete Accounting Cycle: Cashflow allows you to run the entire accounting cycle without needing to use a separate spreadsheet, helping keep your books organized and on track.
  • Bank Reconciliation: You can quickly reconcile your bank accounts and keep them up-to-date, saving time on your monthly reconciliations.
  • Task Automation: Cashflow reduces the burden of repetitive tasks and increases productivity by automating various accounting processes.
  • Advanced Tools: The software includes advanced features such as period locking, change history tracking, and the ability to make journal entries.
  • Financial Reporting: Cashflow provides detailed financial reports that give you valuable insights into your business's performance. This helps you make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Bookkeeping Tools: For professional bookkeepers, Cashflow provides features like assisted period closing, transaction tracking, and history, along with the capability to enter journal and adjustment entries.
  • Period Locking: This feature helps you avoid bookkeeping mistakes by locking closed periods, ensuring the accuracy of your records.
  • Audit Log: Cashflow's audit log allows you to track any transaction from start to finish, giving you a clear view of all changes made to any document throughout its life cycle.

Overall, Cashflow offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to make accounting tasks more manageable, efficient, and accurate.

Does Cashflow offer a Point-of-Sale feature?

Absolutely. Cashflow provides a robust Point-of-Sale (POS) system designed to streamline your retail operations. Our POS feature is equipped to handle multiple stores, allowing for seamless inventory tracking across all your locations. With Cashflow POS, you can speed up your checkout process, enhancing customer experience and reducing wait times.

Also, our POS integrates directly with the rest of our accounting platform, meaning all sales data flows seamlessly into your books. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chance of errors.

On top of that, Cashflow provides powerful reporting tools. You can run detailed sales reports, monitor best-selling items, and track sales trends, all from within the Cashflow platform. This will give you the insights you need to make informed business decisions. So, whether you're a small retail shop or a multi-location business, Cashflow's POS system is built to help you manage and grow your business.

Does Cashflow provide tools for managing inventory?

Absolutely, Cashflow has an all-inclusive system for managing your inventory. Not only can you keep tabs on your stock levels from procurement to sales, but you can also supervise inventory across multiple warehouses. Plus, the system gives you the ability to handle production orders, track landed costs, and provides a real-time view of your inventory.

With Cashflow, you can maintain detailed information about each product, manage different price lists, and take advantage of our robust reporting features for deeper insights into your inventory. From identifying best-selling products to recognizing trends and optimizing stock levels, Cashflow equips you with the tools you need to streamline your inventory process, save money, and boost your business's efficiency.

Can I use Cashflow to manage payroll?

Yes, Cashflow offers a payroll feature that simplifies wage calculations, including salaries, deductions, and bonuses. It integrates seamlessly with other Cashflow features, so payroll expenses are automatically included in your financial reports. Furthermore, it assists with compliance, generating necessary payroll reports for tax filings. This tool is built to save time, reduce errors, and ensure your business stays compliant.

How can Cashflow simplify my tax filings?

Cashflow offers powerful integrated tax features that help you prepare your tax filings quickly and easily. You can track tax on payments and withholdings and generate tax reports for easy end-of-month filing.

Can I control data access and permissions for my team in Cashflow?

Absolutely, Cashflow's system is designed to help you maintain control and ensure security within your team. It allows you to create and assign specific roles for each team member, ensuring that they only have access to the information and features they need to do their job effectively.

For instance, you might have a role for a Sales Manager, who needs access to invoicing and sales reports, but not payroll or expenses. With Cashflow's granular access permissions, you can customize each role down to the smallest detail, giving you the flexibility to tailor the system according to your business needs.

This also aids in protecting sensitive business information, as you can restrict access based on each team member's role. Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, Cashflow's roles and permissions feature ensures everyone can work efficiently while keeping your data secure.

Can I integrate Cashflow with other tools we use in our business?

Yes, Cashflow is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of tools. We are connected to Zapier, which connects Cashflow to over 2000+ other business apps. We also have an open API for custom integrations tailored to your unique business needs. So, whether you need to connect to your CRM, marketing platform, or any other software, Cashflow has you covered.

How many people can use Cashflow? Is there a limit?

Cashflow can support a large number of users, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. The exact number may depend on the specific plan you choose, but generally, Cashflow is designed to accommodate growth and can easily scale with your business.

Does Cashflow offer customer support?

Yes, Cashflow takes customer support very seriously. In fact, we have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that reflects our commitment. We strive to respond to all customer inquiries within one business day, but we often respond within minutes. This applies to both Live Chat and email support. For our premium users, we offer priority support ensuring their issues are handled as a matter of urgency. This high level of customer service commitment is our standard for all paying users. Our dedication to prompt and effective service demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Do you include software updates?

Yes, Cashflow routinely pushes software updates to ensure the platform remains secure, effective, and up-to-date. These updates might include new features, improvements, and security enhancements. Most of these updates are free and automatically integrated into your service, so you're always operating with the most current and secure version of Cashflow.

Does Cashflow offer any training or educational resources?

Absolutely! Cashflow offers a comprehensive suite of training resources. This includes access to online training videos and self-paced courses to help you become an expert at using the platform and get more work done in less time.

Can Cashflow handle high volumes of transactions without performance issues?

Absolutely, Cashflow is designed to handle a high volume of transactions seamlessly. It runs on a sophisticated, clustered, load-balanced infrastructure that ensures consistent performance, regardless of the transaction volume. This state-of-the-art, cloud-based system allows it to adapt to your growing business needs.

Whether you're processing hundreds or thousands of transactions daily, Cashflow maintains its speed and reliability, providing you with a smooth user experience at all times. It also means you don't have to worry about system slowdowns during peak business periods. The robust architecture of Cashflow ensures your financial operations can keep pace with your business growth.

Will Cashflow be able to keep up as my business grows bigger?

Yes, Cashflow is built to scale with your business. As your transaction volume increases or as you add more users, Cashflow's robust and scalable infrastructure ensures it continues to perform efficiently. Its wide range of features, from basic invoicing to advanced analytics, caters to businesses of all sizes and stages.