Keep your books
organized and on-track

Save a ton of time and avoid tedious and repetitive tasks with powerful accounting tools for the modern day accountant.

Main Features:
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Accouting Features

Run the complete accounting cycle without using a spreadsheet.

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Tax Management

Simplify your tax filings with powerful integrated tax features.

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Bank Reconciliation

Quickly reconcile your bank accounts and get them up-to-date.

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Task Automation

Save time and avoid tedious and repetitive tasks.

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Advanced Tools

Features like period locking, change history, and journal entries.

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Financial Reporting

Measure business performance and get valuable business insights.

Tax Management

Your tax work done in minutes

Simplify your tax filings, save time and avoid tedious manual work.

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NCFs & E-billing

Tax ready NCFs or automated electronic billing workflow.

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TXT Files Download

Download TXT files formats such as 606, 607 and 608.

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Tax Reports

Tax summary reports for easy
end-of-month tax filing.

Confident accounting professional utilizing Cashflow's powerful accounting tools.
Bookkeeping tools

Advance features for bookkeepers

Get advanced bookkeeping features like period locking, transaction tracking, change history, and posted journal entries.

  • Period transaction locking.
  • Assisted period closing.
  • Transaction tracking and history.
  • Journal and adjustment entries.
Bank reconciliation

Stay organized and on track.

Quickly reconcile your bank accounts and get them up-to-date. Cashflow saves you a ton of time on your monthly reconciliations.

  • Easily reconcile your bank accounts.
  • Run reconciliation reports.
  • Ensure accurate financial data.
  • Keep you books clean and update.
Screenshot showcasing the bank reconciliation feature in Cashflow.
Screenshot displaying the period lock feature in Cashflow for secure bookkeeping.
Period locking

Keep your books accurate.

Lock closed periods and avoid time consuming bookkeeping mistakes. Keep your books accurate and stay organized.

  • Avoid out of date transactions.
  • Lock sales, expenses or journal entries.
  • Close and keep accounting periods sealed.
Audit log

Track transactions from beginning to end

Effortlessly track any transaction from beginning to end. Have a clear view of all changes made to any document throughout its life cycle.

  • Track transaction change history.
  • Quickly view who change what and when.
  • View resulting posted journal entries.
Smiling business owner examining document change history on her iPad using Cashflow's audit feature.
Screenshot of a detailed financial graph, a feature from the Cashflow dashboard.
Financial reporting

Make smarter business decisions

Get the tools and financial reports you need to measure business performance and get valuable business insights and advice.

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Frequent Questions

Does Cashflow support double-entry accounting?

Yes, Cashflow adheres to the principles of double-entry accounting. Every transaction entered into the system will affect at least two accounts - ensuring your books always stay balanced.

Can I automate repetitive tasks like invoicing and expense categorization with Cashflow?

Absolutely, Cashflow is designed to automate repetitive tasks. It can auto-fill invoicing information and categorize expenses based on pre-set rules, saving you valuable time.

Can I easily reconcile bank statements with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow has a bank reconciliation feature. This lets you match your bank transactions with the entries in Cashflow, helping ensure your records are accurate and up-to-date.

Can I customize the chart of accounts with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to customize your chart of accounts to suit your business's unique needs. You can add, edit, or remove accounts as needed.

Can I run financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow provides detailed financial reports including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports can help you get a comprehensive understanding of your business's financial health.

Can I set user permissions to control access to sensitive financial information with Cashflow?

Yes, with Cashflow, you can manage user permissions. This feature allows you to control who has access to sensitive financial data, enhancing your business's security.

Does Cashflow support multi-currency transactions?

Yes, Cashflow supports multi-currency transactions, making it easy for businesses that deal with international trade to manage their finances effectively.

How does Cashflow handle sales tax?

Cashflow has robust sales tax features. It allows you to set up various tax rates, automatically calculates taxes on your transactions, and generates tax reports to simplify your tax filing process.

Can I lock accounting periods to prevent changes to finalized financial data with Cashflow?

Absolutely, Cashflow provides period locking functionality. This allows you to close periods and prevent further changes, ensuring your finalized financial data stays accurate and consistent.

Does Cashflow provide an audit trail or transaction history to track changes made to transactions?

Yes, Cashflow provides an audit log or transaction history feature. This allows you to view all changes made to a transaction over its lifecycle, including who made the changes and when.

Can I import data from my previous accounting system into Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow provides data import capabilities. This means you can transfer data from your previous accounting system, making the transition to Cashflow seamless and straightforward.