Cloud Invoicing

Smart cloud invoicing
for busy people

Create and send invoices in just seconds and get paid 5x faster. Get more done using advanced features like, price lists, auto-invoicing, payment reminders and more.

Main Features:
eBilling icon
NCFs & eBilling

Tax ready NCFs or automated electronic billing workflow.

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Online Payments

Get your invoices paid faster with online payments.

Workflow icon

Run a complete sales workflow from quote to bill.

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Recurring Invoices

Put your invoicing on auto-pilot with the recurring billing.

Price list icon
Price Lists

Set price list to set prices for different customers.

Sales commission icon
Sales Commissions

Keep track of your sales team’s sales commissions.

Payment collections

Faster payments with powerful tools.

Don’t drain your working capital, get paid faster by following up on who owes you, how much and when they need to pay.

Successful seamless payment interaction between a business and it's customer with Cashflow online payment features.
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Online Payments

Let your customers pay your invoices online.

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Payment Reminder

Send automated invoice payment reminders.

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Smart Lists

Keep track of customer’s unpaid invoices with smart lists.

Online payments

Get paid faster with online payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay you. Let your customers pay your invoices the way they want—online.

  • Add a Pay Now button to your invoices.
  • Accept credit / debit card payments.
  • Let customers pay with Paypal.
  • Get paid up to 5x faster.
Smiling small business woman setting up the online payments feature in Cashflow.
Small business owner confidently setting up monthly recurring invoices to her client in Cashflow.
Recurring Invoices

Put your invoicing on auto-pilot

Set what’s included in the invoice and when to send it and we’ll bill your clients automatically.

Bill Reminders

Send automated
invoice reminders

Get paid faster and without chasing your clients. Just add a reminder profile and set when to send email reminders to your overdue clients.

Business woman setting up invoice payment reminders for her customers in Cashflow.

Frequent Questions

Can I customize the look of my invoices?

Yes, Cashflow provides customization options to ensure your invoices match your brand identity. You can adjust colors, insert your logo, and modify the layout to make your invoices uniquely yours. If you need help setting up your invoice template, please let us know.

Can I save and duplicate past invoices?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to duplicate past invoices, saving you time when billing for recurring services or products.

Can Cashflow handle retainers or advance payments?

Yes, Cashflow supports retainer or advance payment invoicing. This helps you effectively manage clients who prefer to pay in advance or who operate on a retainer basis.

Does Cashflow handle multiple currencies for invoicing?

Yes, Cashflow supports multi-currency invoicing. You can invoice clients in their preferred currency, which makes transactions smoother and easier for both parties.

How does the auto-invoicing feature work?

With Cashflow's auto-invoicing feature, also called recurring invoices, you can schedule invoices for regular clients or contracts. Once set up, the system automatically generates and sends out invoices based on the schedule you set, saving you valuable time.

How do online payments work?

Cashflow works seamlessly with Stripe, a top online payment platform, to make getting paid easier and quicker. When you send an invoice, it includes a "Pay Now" button. Your clients can just click this and choose from a range of payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Please note:
To use this feature, you'll need to have a Stripe account. But don't worry, you can easily set up a Stripe online payments account right within Cashflow. This makes it simple to start accepting online payments and getting paid faster.

Is it possible to send reminders to customers for unpaid invoices?

Absolutely! You can set up automated reminders for any outstanding invoices with Cashflow. These reminders can be customized to your preference and will help ensure timely payments from clients.

Does Cashflow allow for bulk invoicing?

Yes, Cashflow is equipped with features to manage bulk invoicing efficiently. You can accomplish this through our auto-invoicing or recurring invoicing features. This means you can set up a system to automatically send out a group of invoices to designated customers all at once, making it a highly efficient and time-saving solution for your business.

Is it possible to turn estimates or quotes into invoices?

Absolutely, with Cashflow, converting estimates or quotes into invoices is a breeze. Our workflow feature lets you easily transition a document from one transaction type to another. This means you can change a quote into a sales order, a sales order into an invoice, or even an invoice into an inventory dispatch. It simplifies the process and saves you time by eliminating repeated data entry.

Can Cashflow handle partial payments or deposits?

Yes, Cashflow supports partial payments. This feature allows you to record deposits or installment payments against an invoice, providing more flexibility for you and your customers.

Can I add products and services in the same invoice?

Yes, you can add both products and services to the same invoice in Cashflow. Additionally, Cashflow even lets you include bundled items, making billing simpler and more efficient for you.

Can I create bundled items for invoicing?

Yes, Cashflow does support the use of bundled items. You can group various product and service items together into a single bundled item in your invoices. This feature is especially useful for speeding up your invoicing process when you frequently sell groups of items together.

Can Cashflow manage invoicing for tax-exempt customers in my business?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to mark certain customers as tax-exempt. For these customers, the system will automatically exclude tax from their invoices.

Can Cashflow handle retainers or advance payments?

Yes, Cashflow supports retainer or advance payment invoicing. This helps you effectively manage clients who prefer to pay in advance or who operate on a retainer basis.

Can I apply automatic discounts to invoices?

Yes, with Cashflow, you can set up preset discounts that are automatically applied to invoices when certain criteria are met. This could be based on the quantity of products purchased, or if the purchase falls under a specific inventory category. This feature allows you to incentivize bulk purchases and manage special offers easily.