Real-time Inventory tracking

Easily track inventory items, view stock-in-hand and know when is time to reorder new items. Easy-to-use yet powerful inventory management tools for business.

Main Features:
Inventory tracking icon
Inventory tracking

Track inventory, view stock-in-hand and reorder new items.

Warehouse storage unit icon

Multi-warehouse, in-store, or mobile inventory management.

Workflow icon
In-Out Workflow

Run a simple one-step or a multi-step In-Out inventory process. 

Warehouse logistics icon
Production Orders

Convert raw materials and labor into finished goods.

Cargo ship icon
Landed Costs

Track purchase shipping costs
from vendor to warehouse.

Reports icon
Inventory Reports

Get insights and a clear view of your inventory in realtime


Manage inventory anywhere.

Manage one or multiple warehouses, track in-store or mobile inventory, and manage merchandise concessions.

Confident business woman managing multiple warehouses and store locations with her Ipad in Cashflow.

Built-in inventory
In-Out workflow.

Keep it simple or make it complex to fit your business’ inventory needs. Run a simple, one-step process or a complex, multi-step process.

Diagram of the simple single-step inventory management workflow in-out in Cashflow.
Simple Tracking

Track outgoing inventory when you make a sales and incoming inventory when record a purchases.

Diagram of the complex multi-step inventory management workflow in-out in Cashflow.
Advanced Workflow

Track incoming and outgoing inventory items when they’re received or dispatch from your warehouse.

Screenshot bill of materials (BOM) within production orders feature in Cashflow.

Easily keep track of production costs

Transform raw materials and labor into finished goods with simple tools for tracking production orders.

  • Create bill of materials (BOMs).
  • Track raw material, and labor costs.
  • Get accurate inventory value and COGS.

Accurately track
landed costs

Easily track your inventory shipping costs from vendor to warehouse. Track purchase, shipping, insurance, custom duties and any other costs.

  • Track shipped inventory landed costs.
  • Track cost by value, qty, weight or volume.
  • Get accurate inventory value and COGS.
Confident woman accurately tracking purchased inventory landed costs on her Ipad with Cashflow.
Screenshot of Cashflow's Inventory cost report showing stock levels.

Real-time view of your inventory

Get truthful insights and a clear view of your inventory in realtime. Quickly know your stock in hand, ordered stock and incoming inventory.


Bring your inventory
with you

Get started quickly by importing all your inventory items and current stock count with our easy to use import tool.

Confident woman easily importing her transaction data into Cashflow.

Frequent Questions

Can I import my existing inventory data into Cashflow?

Yes, you can. Cashflow provides an easy-to-use import tool that allows you to quickly transfer all your inventory items and current stock count.

Does Cashflow provide real-time inventory tracking?

Absolutely, Cashflow offers real-time inventory tracking. Each time you make a transaction affecting inventory, your inventory records get updates. This means you can always have the most up-to-date information on your stock levels.

Can I manage multiple warehouses using Cashflow?

Yes, you can. Cashflow allows you to efficiently manage inventory across one or multiple warehouses. This feature supports in-store or mobile inventory tracking.

Can I track Production Costs with Cashflow?

Yes, with Cashflow, you can easily keep track of your production costs. Its Production Orders feature lets you create Bill of Materials (BOMs), track raw material, and labor costs. It provides accurate inventory value and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Can I track Landed Costs with Cashflow?

Absolutely, Cashflow enables you to easily track your inventory shipping costs from the vendor to the warehouse. It allows tracking of purchases, shipping, insurance, customs duties, and any other costs. This helps you get a more accurate inventory value and COGS.

Can I generate inventory reports with Cashflow?

Yes, you can. Cashflow provides real-time inventory reports that offer clear insights into your inventory. You can quickly know your stock in hand, ordered stock, and incoming inventory.

How does inventory tracking and management work in Cashflow?

Cashflow caters to businesses of all sizes by offering both simple and complex inventory workflows.

For small businesses, we have a straightforward inventory in-out process. This process updates your inventory as you record purchases, marking incoming inventory, and as you create sales invoices, marking outgoing inventory. This simple and efficient method ensures your inventory count remains accurate.

For larger companies with more complex inventory needs, Cashflow supports a multi-step inventory in-out workflow. This workflow only registers incoming inventory when items are physically received at the warehouse via a Reception document, and outgoing inventory when items are dispatched from the warehouse through a Dispatch document. This detailed approach provides precise inventory control, allowing larger companies to distribute inventory management tasks effectively.

Does Cashflow allow for the management of merchandise concessions?

Yes, with Cashflow's multi-warehouse feature, you can efficiently manage merchandise concessions. You can track in-store or mobile inventory and handle any related tasks.

Can I set reorder points for inventory items in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow's inventory tracking feature allows you to view stock-in-hand and set reorder points for new items, helping you to maintain optimal stock levels at all times.