Payroll features

Your payroll super simplified

Run payroll to quickly pay your employees, calculate contributions and file to the TSS and DGII. 

  • Set employee benefits and contributions.
  • Run payroll by type, period or groups.
  • Add employee payroll changes.
  • Run payroll reports, bank and TSS files.
Screenshot of Cashflow's screen for configuring employee benefits within the payroll feature.
employees & benefits

Add employees and set their benefits

Add employees and configure their benefits, taxes and deductions for automatic payroll calculation.

  • Add fixed or temporary contracts.
  • Pay by salary, tasks or hourly rate.
  • Set employee benefits and deductions.
  • Add your own custom formulas.
Payroll types

Run different payroll for different needs

Create a one-time or recurring payroll and run by employee groups, payment method, currency, projects and more.

  • Create payroll templates.
  • Run one-time or recurring payroll.
  • Run a regular, temporary or bonus payroll.
  • Run payroll by department, groups or project.
Joyful woman processing weekly payroll using her laptop with Cashflow's payroll feature."
Payroll updates

Add payroll
changes on the fly

Easily add employee payroll changes to account for employee loans, additional benefits or deductions and sales commissions earned.

  • Include sales commissions earned.
  • Deduct employee loans and payables.
  • Add one-time benefit or deduction.
Screenshot of employee data entry during a payroll run in Cashflow.
Woman focused on processing payroll using Cashflow on her laptop.

Your accounting
records up-to-date

Run payroll and your accounting records get updated automatically. All our features work together seamlessly on one platform.

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Payroll reports

Get a clear view of
your payroll

Run essential reports, create your own and get a clear view of your payroll expense.

Screenshot of Cashflow's user-friendly payroll summary reports.
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Frequent Questions

Can I set weekly, biweekly, or monthly payroll schedules with Cashflow?

Absolutely, With Cashflow, you can establish a payroll schedule that matches your business's needs. Whether you prefer to pay your employees on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, Cashflow payroll gives you the flexibility to set the payroll schedule as per your preference.

Can I have taxes calculated and deducted automatically with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow's payroll software takes the guesswork out of tax calculations. It automatically calculates and deducts taxes, allowing you to stay in compliance and avoid potential errors.

Can I manage employee benefits and deductions using Cashflow?

Absolutely! Cashflow's software provides a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of employee benefits and deductions. With Cashflow, you can configure benefits, taxes, and deductions for automatic payroll calculation, simplifying your payroll processes and ensuring accurate payments.

Can I manage bonuses, commissions, and other special payrolls with Cashflow?

Yes, whether you need to manage bonuses, commissions, or other special types of payroll, Cashflow offers the functionality and flexibility to handle these payroll variations.

Can I run regular, temporary, or bonus payrolls with Cashflow Payroll?

Yes, Cashflow Payroll provides the flexibility to run different types of payroll as per your business needs. Whether it's a regular payroll, a one-time bonus payroll, or a temporary payroll, Cashflow has got you covered.

Can I make payroll run adjustments to include benefits or deduction with Cashflow?

Absolutely, with Cashflow you have the flexibility to quickly make adjustments to your payroll run. Whether you need to add benefits or make deductions such as loans, Cashflow's Payroll feature allows you to account for these changes easily, ensuring your payroll remains accurate and up-to-date.

Can Cashflow Payroll auto-update my accounting records?

Absolutely, one of the significant benefits of Cashflow Payroll is its seamless integration with your accounting records. Once you run payroll, your accounting records update automatically, ensuring you have up-to-date financial information at all times.

Can I run detailed payroll reports with Cashflow Payroll?

Yes, with Cashflow Payroll, you can generate detailed payroll reports that provide a clear view of your payroll activities. These reports can help you make informed business decisions and ensure compliance with regulations.

Can I handle tax filing to TSS and DGII with Cashflow Payroll?

Yes, with Cashflow Payroll, tax filing to TSS and DGII becomes a breeze. The software is designed to simplify and automate the tax filing process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.