Quick business overview at a glance

Get a quick overview of your business with Cashflow’s financial dashboard. See how your business is performing at a glance.

  • Quick business financial snapshot.
  • Visual overview of your business.
  • Up-to-date business information.
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Screenshot of Cashflow's Inventory Stock Cost Report showing stock levels.
Business reports

Reports for smarter
business decisions

Track business performance with easy to read business reports. Always know the state of your business at anytime, no matter where you are.

  • 100+ essential business reports.
  • Accounting reports & financial statements.
  • Build your own custom reports.
  • Share reports with team members
Report builder

Need more? Build your own custom reports.

Need more data?—easily design and build any report you need in your business with Cashflow’s powerful report builder.

  • Design your own custom reports.
  • Duplicate and customize existing report.
  • Set who can view and run these reports.
Screenshot of Cashflow's user-friendly Report Builder feature.
Screenshot of Cashflow's Smart List feature in action.
Smart Lists

View your data anyway you want It

Search, filter data and save results in a smart view. Smart views are dynamic so your data will update automatically as new changes come up.

Useful use cases:
  • List of outstanding invoices by aging.
  • List of accounts payable by priority.
  • List of inventory items with low stock.
  • Anything else you need…
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Frequent Questions

Does Cashflow provide real-time financial reporting?

Yes, Cashflow provides real-time reporting. This means your data is continuously updated, and your reports reflect the most current state of your business.

Can I generate the balance sheets, P&L, and cash flow statements with Cashflow?

Absolutely! With Cashflow, you can generate crucial financial reports like balance sheets, profit and loss (P&L) statements, and cash flow statements. These reports give you an in-depth look at your business's financial health.

Can I export report data for external use with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow provides the ability to export reports in formats like Excel, PDF, Word and HTML preview. This makes it easy to share these reports with others or use them in presentations.

Can I compare financial data across different periods in Cashflow?

Absolutely, with Cashflow, you can compare financial data across various time frames. You can compare monthly, quarterly, semesterly, and yearly data. This ability helps you identify patterns, trends, and changes, providing valuable insights for strategic planning and decision making.

Can I design and run my own custom reports?

Yes, Cashflow includes a powerful report builder. This allows you to design and create custom reports tailored to your specific business needs. You can also duplicate and customize existing reports as per your requirements.

How do Smart Lists work in Cashflow?

Smart Lists in Cashflow let you customize how you view your data. You can search and filter data, then save these as a Smart List. What's cool about Smart Lists is they update on their own with new data. So, you always have the latest information.

For instance, you can make Smart Lists to keep an eye on late invoices, prioritize accounts payable, or check inventory with low stock. Basically, Smart Lists give you a flexible tool to see the data that matters most to you.

Can I generate tax-related reports with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow supports generating various tax-related reports. This helps simplify your tax filings and ensures you have accurate data for tax computations.

Does Cashflow provide detailed sales reports?

Yes, Cashflow can generate detailed sales reports. These reports can give you a comprehensive view of your sales activities, helping you understand trends, top-performing products, and more.

Can I run detailed accounts payable, receivable, and aging reports in Cashflow?

Certainly, Cashflow lets you keep a close eye on your accounts payable and receivable. You can run detailed reports to see what you owe and what others owe you. Plus, with aging reports, you can easily see the status of your debts and receivables over time. This makes managing your cash flow and collections a breeze.

Can Cashflow track real-time inventory through reports?

Yes, Cashflow can track your inventory in real-time and reflect this information in your reports. This helps maintain accurate stock counts and aids in informed decision-making.

Does Cashflow offer business performance metric reports?

Yes, Cashflow offers a variety of reports that track key business performance metrics. This gives you valuable insights into your business's health and performance.

Can I control report access based on user roles with Cashflow?

Yes, in Cashflow, you can set access permissions for different user roles. This allows you to control who can view and run certain reports.