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September 6, 2023
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December 8, 2023

Cashflow helps you keep your employee information organized. With Cashflow, you can easily add details of your employees for sales commission and payroll purposes. This tutorial shows you how to do it, from entering basic information to defining contract details and commissions.

1. Add an Employee

Here are the steps to add a new employee in Cashflow:

  1. In the main menu, go to Masters, and then click on Employees.
  2. In the Employees list, click on the (+) button.
  3. In the context menu, click on New Employee.
  4. Fill in the general information like ID number, names, position, phone numbers, and email.
  5. Define whether the employee is active.
  6. In the Integrations section, define if this employee is a system user, choose the user from the list, and specify if they are a salesperson.
  7. To add the employee's address, click on the (+) button under the Address section and enter the details.
  8. In the Labor Contract section, you can define information related to payroll. Here, you can set the start date, contract type, payment method, and the employee's bank account.
  9. In the Salary Components section, define the employee's salary, benefits, and contributions. To add additional components, click on the (+) button and  the necessary components from the list.
  10. In the Commissions section, you can define the commission structure if the employee is a salesperson. Here, you specify the commission type (e.g., sales or collections), calculated based on total sales or transactions, and the commission structure, whether fixed or variable.
  11. Once you have completed all the information, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Tip: Keep your employee information as up-to-date as possible to avoid issues with payroll management or sales commissions.

[9] Salary Components
Salary components are the benefits and contributions along with their respective formulas. The system provides the most common components by default; however, you can add a new component with its formula in the Settings > Payroll section.
[10] Commission Structure
The commission option allows you to set commissions for sales or payment collections. This is useful if you have a team of collectors that you need to incentivize. It also allows you to set the calculation of these commissions on a period basis or for each transaction.

In the commission structure, Cashflow allows you to set whether the commission will be fixed or variable (tiered).

The calculation is done flatly from an initial amount up to a cap with a percentage of commission to apply. This structure is simple and easy to manage for a small business.

The calculation can be based on a scale where at each level of the scale, you can set a percentage (%) of commission. This type of structure allows you to implement sales accelerators and incentives to achieve higher sales volumes.
If you cannot see the commissions section, you must activate the 'Salesperson' option at the top of the form.

2. Editing an Employee

Employee information may change over time, to update an employee's information, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, go to Masters, and then click on Employees.
  2. On the employee list screen, find the employee you want to edit.
  3. Click on the action menu (three horizontal dots) associated with that employee.
  4. In the context menu, click on Edit.
  5. Update the necessary fields.
  6. Click Save.

3. Deleting an Employee

In some cases, you may need to remove an employee from the system, for example, if you created them by mistake or if there is a duplicate. Here are the steps to delete an employee:

  1. On the employee list screen, locate the employee you wish to delete.
  2. Click on the action menu (three horizontal dots) next to that employee.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.
[2] Deletion
Please note that Cashflow will not allow you to delete an employee who is linked to transactions. If the 'Delete' option is not visible for an employee, it means that the employee is associated with transactions and cannot be deleted.

4. Employee Transactions

In Cashflow, you can view all the information related to an employee in one place. To view employee information, follow these steps:

  1. On the employee list screen, locate the employee you want to view.
  2. Click on the employee's name link.
  3. A window will appear with four main tabs: Transactions, Addresses, Integration, Commissions, and Contract.
  4. In each tab, you can find all the information related to the employee.
  5. To exit this window, click on the "X" icon in the upper-right corner of the window.

5. Bulk Import

If you have a large number of employees to add, you can save time by using the bulk import feature in Cashflow. This feature allows you to upload a file containing all your employees instead of adding each one manually. Here's how to use this helpful function:

  1. In the main menu, go to Masters and then click on Employees.
  2. In the list of Employees, click on the (+) button and then choose Import.
  3. You can also do this via the Import from Excel option located below the list.
  4. Once you're on the import screen, in the Transaction Type field, select Employees, and in the Action field, choose Create.
  5. Click on Upload File, and in the window, click on Browse File to select your import file from your computer.
  6. Then click Continue.
  7. In the Match Columns window, link each Cashflow column (on the left) with the corresponding column in your file (on the right).
  8. Then click Continue.
  9. Review your data and make any necessary adjustments. If any required data is missing, the row number will be marked in red, and a red arrow will indicate the column that needs correction.
  10. To facilitate review and corrections, you can filter the list to display all rows, validated rows, or rows with errors.
  11. If needed, you can add or remove a row by clicking the Add or Delete button. You can also download the file for later use by clicking the Download button.
  12. When you've finished reviewing your data, click Save and Upload.

Note: The import process is queued and usually takes less than a minute. For larger files, it may take hours.

Import Processing
When you click 'Save and Upload' your file, the system will add it to an import queue. The import process typically takes less than a minute, but it could take much longer depending on the number of records you are importing.

Common Issues

Experiencing issues with the Employees function? Here are some common problems and their solutions.

  1. I can't add a new employee
    Make sure you've filled out all the required fields. Verify that you're following the correct steps to add an employee. If the problem persists, it might be a technical issue, and you should contact support.
  2. I can't delete an employee
    Cashflow doesn't allow you to delete employees with linked transactions. Check if the employee has any related transactions. If the employee has no transactions and you still can't delete them, contact technical support.
  3. I can't import the list of employees
    Ensure your import file is in the correct format and follow the instructions provided for importing employees. If your file is correct and you're still facing issues, it could be a technical problem, and you should contact Cashflow support.
  4. I can't see the employment contract section
    The employment contract section will only be visible if you have the payroll module activated in your subscription. Payroll is an additional feature not included in all plans. To activate it, visit the subscription area in Settings > Subscription and Payments.
  5. I can't see the commissions section for an employee
    The commissions section will only be visible if you've enabled the salesperson option for that employee. If the salesperson option is active.
  6. The import is taking too long
    The import processing time depends on the file's size. If the file is large, it may take several hours to import all the data. Be patient and wait for the import to complete. If it has been several hours and still hasn't finished, consider contacting technical support.
  7. I uploaded a file for bulk import, but some data is missing or incorrect
    When you upload a file, the system matches the columns in your file to the fields in the Cashflow system. If the data isn't appearing correctly, review the field mapping to ensure each field in Cashflow corresponds to the correct column in your file.

Remember, if you ever get stuck or something doesn't seem right, don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.