Smart invoicing

Smart invoicing
for busy people

Save time and get paid 5x faster with an easy-to-use invoicing software in the cloud. Smart tools for easy invoicing and fast payment collections.

  • Smart invoicing with tax features.
  • Setup and get paid wtih online payments.
  • Send-by-mail with open tracking.
  • Customizable invoice templates.
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Payments Tools

Get paid without chasing your clients.

Get paid fast with powerful payment collection tools. Easily follow up on who owes you, how much and when they need to pay.

  • Send automated payment reminders.
  • Keep track of customer invoices.
  • Offer discounts for prompt payment.
  • Run receivable aging reports.
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Tax features

Focus on your business
not tax work.

Tax features that save time and simplify your tax filing work. Prepare your tax filing in minutes instead of days.

  • Add your tax numbers sequences.
  • Download 606, 607, 608 TXT files.
  • Track tax on-payment and withholdings.
  • Tax reports for easy end-of-month filing.
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Every plan includes

Everything you need to run your business in the cloud worry free.

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Cloud Access

Access your business
data anytime 24/7/365

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Help & Support

Support team availiable to
answer any questions.

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Connect the apps you use to power your business. 

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Frequent Questions

How easy is it to get started with Cashflow?

Getting started with Cashflow is straightforward. Simply sign up, and you'll have immediate access to easy-to-use invoicing, expenses tracking, and bank account management features.

Can I manage my invoices and payments using Cashflow?

Absolutely. Cashflow lets you create professional invoices quickly, with customizable templates. You can track the status of each invoice, and payments are collected fast with our smart tools.

How does Cashflow help me track and manage expenses?

With Cashflow, you can easily record and categorize your expenses. Our software helps you keep your costs organized and pay all your bills on time.

How can Cashflow help me with reconciling my bank accounts?

Yes, Cashflow provides a robust bank reconciliation feature. This feature enables you to quickly reconcile your bank accounts, ensuring your books are clean and up-to-date, thereby saving you a ton of time on your monthly reconciliations.

Does Cashflow support online payments for my invoices?

Yes, Cashflow works seamlessly with Stripe, a top online payment platform, to make getting paid easier and quicker. When you send an invoice, it includes a "Pay Now" button. Your clients can just click this and choose from a range of payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Please note: To use this feature, you'll need to have a Stripe account. But don't worry, you can easily set up a Stripe online payments account right within Cashflow. This makes it simple to start accepting online payments and getting paid faster.

Can Cashflow remind my clients about their pending payments?

Indeed. Cashflow's automated payment reminders will notify your clients about their pending payments, ensuring timely collections and better cash flow management.

Can I customize the look of my invoices?

Yes, Cashflow provides extensive customization options to ensure your invoices match your brand identity. You can adjust colors, insert your logo, and modify the layout to make your invoices uniquely yours. If you need help customizing your invoice just give us a touch.

What kind of financial reports can I generate using Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow offers a 'Smart Reporting' feature which includes more than 100 essential business reports. From profit and loss statements to balance sheets and cash flow statements, you can easily keep track of your financial performance.

How does Cashflow secure my business data?

Cashflow prioritizes data security. We use advanced encryption methods, conduct regular security audits, and comply with international security standards to ensure your business data is well-protected.

Can I access Cashflow from anywhere, at any time?

Yes. Cashflow is cloud-based, so you can access your account from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

What kind of customer support does Cashflow provide?

Cashflow offers friendly customer support through Live Chat and Email for prompt assistance. We also provide a range of self-help resources, such as video tutorials, online courses, and a comprehensive documentation, helping you get the most out of Cashflow at your own pace.

Can Cashflow integrate with other business tools I use?

Absolutely, Cashflow is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of tools. We are connected to Zapier, which connects Cashflow to over 2000+ other business apps. This allows you to create streamlined workflows and automate tasks between Cashflow and the other tools you use for your business. Visit our integrations page.

Can I track who owes me, and when they need to pay?

Definitely. Cashflow helps you track customer invoices and stay on top of who owes you money. Our smart lists and aging reports provide clear insights into due and overdue payments.

Does Cashflow provide tax reports for easy end-of-month filing?

Yes. Cashflow provides detailed tax reports that can simplify your end-of-month filing. These reports can be generated quickly, saving you significant time.

How frequently does Cashflow update its software?

Cashflow regularly updates its platform to introduce new features, enhancements, and security improvements. While most updates are included for free, certain premium features may be separately sold or included in specific plans.