Screenshot displaying Cashflow's recurring invoicing feature, showcasing invoice details and recurrence settings.
Cloud invoicing

Smart invoicing for busy people

Save time and get paid 5x faster with an easy-to-use invoicing software in the cloud. Smart tools for easy invoicing and fast payment collections.

  • Smart tax ready invoicing.
  • Set Invoicing on auto-pilot.
  • Send-by-mail with open tracking.
  • Customizable invoice templates.
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Get paid 5x faster with powerful tools

Get paid faster and without chasing your clients. Easily follow up on who owes you, how much and when they need to pay.

  • Send automated payment reminders.
  • Track of customer invoices with smart lists.
  • Offer discounts for prompt payment.
  • Run customer receivable aging reports.
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Smiling woman viewing Cashflow's bill reminder feature on her phone.
Smiling man looking at his laptop, happy that his taxes are completed with Cashflow.
tax management

Tax filling in just minutes

Avoid time consuming tax work and costly mistakes. Simplify your tax filings with powerful integrated tax features.

  • Configure fiscal numbers sequences.
  • Download format 606, 607, 608 TXT files.
  • Track tax on-payment and tax withholding.
  • Tax reports for easy end-of-month filing.
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accounting features

Keep your books
organized and on-track

Get your business in order and stay organized all year around. Work smarter with an easy-to-use full cycle accounting software.

  • Automated bookkeeping tasks.
  • Bank accounts reconciliation.
  • Journal and adjustment entries.
  • Reports and financial statements.
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Woman smiling as she reviews accurate accounting records on Cashflow using her iPad.
Woman focused on processing payroll using Cashflow on her laptop.
Payroll software

Get your payroll done in minutes

Need to pay employees? — Run payroll to quickly pay your employees, calculate contributions and file to the TSS and DGII.

  • Set employee benefits and deductions.
  • Run a one-time or recurring payroll.
  • Add employee payroll changes.
  • Update accounting records automatically.
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Smart reporting

Make smarter business decisions

Track business performance with easy to read business reports. Always know the state of your business at anytime, no matter where you are.

  • 100+ essential business reports.
  • Accounting reports & financial statements.
  • Build your own custom reports.
  • Share reports with team members
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Focused small business woman viewing Cashflow's dashboard and reports on her laptop.
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Frequent Questions

Can I automate recurring invoices and payments with Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow's "Cloud Invoicing" feature allows you to set up recurring invoices, saving you the hassle of creating them manually each time. Also, the "Payments" feature expedites the payment process by automating transactions.

Can Cashflow handle recurring payments for my ongoing services?

Sure, with Cashflow, managing recurring payments is a breeze. Just set your invoices on auto-pilot and our system takes care of the rest, ensuring your ongoing services are billed on time.

Does Cashflow provide tools to help me collect payments faster?

Yes, Cashflow makes collecting payments fast and easy. With our automatic payment reminders and customer invoice tracking, you'll always stay on top of your incoming payments.

Can I track and categorize my business expenses in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow allows you to comprehensively track and categorize all your business expenses. This ability aids in better financial management and more accurate accounting records.

Can I set different billing rates for different services in Cashflow?

Absolutely, Cashflow can handle different billing rates for each of your services. You can set custom rates to match each service's value. In addition, you can use our price list feature to offer different prices to different customer groups, helping you cater to all your clients effectively.

Does Cashflow provide tools to help with tax preparation and filing?

Yes, Cashflow provides tax management features and reports designed to simplify tax fillings. These tools will help you maintain accurate tax records and generate necessary documents for tax filing, making the entire process more streamlined and less stressful.

Does Cashflow allow me to run financial reports, like profit and loss statements?

Yes, Cashflow offers a 'Smart Reporting' feature which includes more than 100 essential business reports, among them profit and loss statements. Plus, if you have specific reporting needs, you can create custom reports tailored to your business.

Can Cashflow scale as my business grows?

Yes, Cashflow is built to scale as your business grows. As you add more clients, employees, or encounter complex accounting needs, Cashflow's features expand to accommodate your business requirements.

Can I access my accounting data from anywhere using Cashflow?

Definitely, as a cloud-based platform, Cashflow enables you to access your accounting data from any location at any time. All you need is an internet connection to stay updated with your financial data.

Can I share Cashflow access with my accountant or team members?

Yes, Cashflow's permissions feature allows you to share specific access with your accountant or team members. You control who sees what, ensuring data access is secure and limited to the necessary parties.

Can I control data access for my team in Cashflow?

Yes, with Cashflow, you can manage user permissions, giving you full control over who accesses specific data. This ensures that only the right people can access the right information, enhancing your data security.

Does Cashflow provide training for using the software?

Absolutely, Cashflow offers a variety of resources to help you learn and master our platform. These resources include comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and courses. They are designed to cater to all users, from beginners to advanced, ensuring you can get the most out of Cashflow.

Does Cashflow offer reliable customer support?

Absolutely! At Cashflow, we offer live chat and email support during working hours. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with your needs and answer any questions you have.

Is Cashflow secure, private, and always accessible?

At Cashflow we take your data's safety and privacy seriously. We use top-level security measures and update our software regularly to keep your information secure. Our service is cloud-based and provides 99.9% uptime, ensuring you can access your data consistently and reliably. We also strictly control who can access your data, keeping your information private.