El software de punto de venta de Cashflow se muestra en un monitor táctil en posición vertical.

Smart POS for fast and easy checkouts

Easy-to-use POS software for any kind of business. Built to do just about anything your business needs.

  • Easy-to-use cloud based POS.
  • Multi-view for fast and easy checkouts.
  • Setup and run one or multiple stores.
  • Built for any kind of retail business.
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Happy small business woman viewing the price list feature on Cashflow on her laptop.
full Control

It’s your business, you’re in control.

Tools to never lose control over your business. Manage your team access levels, and automate pricing and discounts by customer groups.

  • Group customers by segments.
  • Define price lists for customer groups.
  • Pre-defined discounts on specific items.

Built-in tools for
inventory management.

Save time and avoid trying to merge data from different systems— in Cashflow it’s all done automatically.

  • Realtime inventory tracking.
  • Multi-store inventory management.
  • Complete inventory In-Out workflow.
  • Easy-to-read inventory reports.
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Screenshot of Cashflow's inventory screen, showing item counts and stock statuses.
Smiling woman looking at her phone, relieved that her taxes are completed with Cashflow.
Tax Management

Focus on your business not tax work.

Avoid time consuming tax work and costly mistakes. Simplify your tax filings with powerful integrated tax features.

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Keep your books
organized and on-track

Get your business in order and stay organized all year around. Work smarter with an easy-to-use full cycle accounting software.

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Woman smiling as she reviews accurate accounting records on Cashflow using her iPad.
Small business owner smiling as he views Cashflow dashboard on his laptop.
Smart ReportS

Make smarter business decisions

Get a clear view of your business anytime and anywhere. Track sales performance with easy to read sales reports.

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Frequent Questions

Can I manage multiple store locations using Cashflow's POS software?

Absolutely, Cashflow's POS system lets you oversee multiple store locations easily. You can track sales across different locations in real-time, right from a single, user-friendly platform. This means you can stay updated on all your stores' performance, no matter where they are, through Cashflow's cloud-based software.

Can I customize Cashflow's POS for different business types and checkout processes?

Yes! Cashflow's POS is versatile and adaptable to various business types, from retail stores to service shops and food venues. It also supports multiple layout modes to streamline your checkout process.

Does Cashflow's POS offer real-time inventory tracking and financial reporting?

Yes, Cashflow's POS software integrates inventory management and accounting, providing you with real-time inventory tracking and detailed financial reports.

Can I run real-time sales reports for all my store locations in Cashflow?

Yes, Cashflow's POS system offers the convenience of running real-time sales reports for any and all of your store locations. This gives you an immediate, up-to-the-minute understanding of your sales performance. Whether it's one store or multiple, you'll have the insights you need right at your fingertips, helping you make more informed decisions.

Can I manage refunds in Cashflow's POS?

Absolutely! Cashflow's POS system makes handling returns and refunds straightforward, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Can Cashflow's POS accept different payment methods?

Yes, in Cashflow's POS system you can configure any payment method you accept in your business. Plus, with our Stripe integration you can accept any type of payment accepted by Stripe.

Can I track sales by employee in Cashflow's POS?

Indeed, Cashflow's POS software allows you to track sales by employee, which can be useful for performance review and commission calculations.

Can I set up and use Cashflow's POS easily, without technical skills?

Yes, Cashflow's POS is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You can set it up and start using it without needing any technical expertise.

Can I connect Cashflow's POS with my current business systems?

Absolutely! Cashflow's POS software can be smoothly integrated with your existing business systems. It supports this through an Open API for custom integrations tailored to your unique business needs. Moreover, with our Zapier integrations, you can connect Cashflow to hundreds of other services, creating automated workflows that streamline your operations.

Can I manage sales tax with Cashflow's POS?

Yes, Cashflow's POS system offers features to track and manage sales tax, ensuring your business remains compliant with tax regulations.

Is Cashflow's POS compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Cashflow's POS system is indeed accessible on mobile devices such as tablets. While our web-based version isn't currently optimized for smartphones, rest assured that we are actively developing a mobile version. Our commitment is to offer you the best convenience and flexibility in managing your sales, no matter where you are.

Why use a cloud-based POS system?

Using Cashflow's cloud-based POS system provides lots of benefits. It allows for real-time access to data, increases data security, and saves you from expensive hardware. Being cloud-based also means you can manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Can I use Cashflow's POS system offline or without internet access?

No, Cashflow's POS system does not fully operate offline. While it has some limited offline functionality, it primarily requires an active internet connection to fully function and offer real-time data syncing and access to all features. We are working on enhancing our offline capabilities to improve our service in the future.