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Powerful productivity tools that significantly speed up your team performance.
Everything you need to increase productivity in all area of your business.

productivity tools for small business


Powerful tools that increase

Be more efficient, save time and streamline your business management. Increase your team’s productivity with tools that facilitate the work in each area of your business.


Keep up with all your key business events.


Cloud Files

Secured file storage in the cloud.


All your business contacts in one place.


Customize your documents design.


Customize Cashflow to suite your business.


Calendar, notifications
and cloud storage

Keep up with all the key events in each area of your business with the calendar feature in Cashflow. Also store all your business documents securely in the cloud with cloud storage. 

Also, send documents to customers and business partners right from within Cashflow and keep track of inbox delivery.

Productivity tools, calendar, reminders and email delivery
Productivity tools with template builder


Apply your branding to
your documents designs

Promote your brand in all your sales documents and improve the way your customers and business partners perceive your company. 

Incorporate your brand into all your labels, documents, and communications. You can custom design the visual format of each document in your company.


Customize labels and
visibility in your documents

Set up any document to reflect the workflows and processes of many different business segments.

Customize the names and prefixes of each document issued by your company to adapt seamlessly to your industry and type of business.

You can also assign the initial sequences of your documents and define them globally or by location of sale.

Productivity tool for customisations


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