Expense tracking software
for small business

With the expense tracking features in Cashflow you can easy track and categorize all your business expenses. 
All the tools you need to take full control of your business expenses.

Expense tracking software


Improve your business

Cashflow makes tracking business expenses simple; you’ll always know where your money is going. Save time and money on end-of-year tax deductions.


Expense Tracker

Easily track all your business expenses

Expense tracking and petty cash

Petty Cash

Accurate business cash expenditure tracking


Multi Currency

Multi-currency transactions for business.

checks and AP

Checks & Payments

Easily keep track and pay your bills 


Get organize and
pay your bills on time

Easily track, organize, and pay all your operating expenses bills, save money on late fees, and increase the profitability of your business.

Take control of your expenses with the tools and reports in Cashflow.

Expense tracking software
Expense Tracking


Managing business cash
the smart way

Save time, track, and categorize all your petty cash small items expenses. Keep a clear and accurate record of all your business cash expenditures and run reports to see where every dollar went.

And when tax time comes, save time and never miss a tax deduction.


Streamline your accounts payable workflow.

Search, filter and easily find the information you need. Set calendar reminders to keep track of important payment dates. Generate accounts payable reports to make payment management more efficient.

Purchasing software with accounts payable


Never miss a due date

Add it to the calendar and get it off your mind. Keep all your bills due date in the calendar or add a payment reminder and never forget to pay a bill or pay late fees again.

View all of your important payment dates like credit cards, loan or bills due dates in a full featured calendar.


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All the tools you need for your growing business. Cashflow is simply
the best accounting software in the cloud for Small Businesses.