Business Reporting Software

Keep track of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business and improve your financial decisions.
All your business financial data the way you want to see it.

business reporting software with dashboards


All your financial data the
way you want to see it

View all the important financial data of your business. Follow the most important performance indicators (KPI). Design and generate reports and dashboards for each area of your business.

Report Builder

Design any type of report you need.


Dashboard Builder

Design dashboards for each area in your business.

Filters & Lists

Filter, generate and save search results.

Data & Export

Export data in multiple formats.


Complete business reporting tools

In Cashflow reporting tools you have a view of all your key business information in one place. 

With over 100+ reports and dashboard components, ranging from sales to purchase to inventory and accounting, you’ll be able to view data from all areas of your business.

Also you can easily design and run any type of financial report you need, when you need it.

Business reporting software
business reporting software with dashboard builder


All of your business financial data, visually

Improve the performance of all the areas in your business. With the business dashboards in Cashflow you have all your business data in an easy to read visually appealing format. 

And with the Dashboard Builder you can quickly and easily create visual chart components to displaying the information of any report.


Improve your team’s productivity

Streamline day to day tasks, increase your team’s productivity with the search and filtering tools on all lists. You can search, filter and easily find the information you are looking for.

Filter, save search results and quickly track customers, vendors, accounts receivable and payables or any other list items.

Business reporting tools
Export toolset


Complete data export tools

With the exporting tools you have full control over your information. You can easily import and export all business information from and to Cashflow. 

Also with the file export builder you can easily design and export files in many formats for data transfer between systems.


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