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The most complete and easity to use accounting software in the cloud for small businesses.
All the tools you need to simplify bookkeeping in your business.

Accounting Software for small business


Improved bookkeeping
with a complete accounting software

Simplify the bookkeeping workflow in your business and improve the accuracy of your accounting records. Also improve the auditing process with tools that you save time.

Chart of Accounts

Full control over your chart of accounts.



Simplify the auditing process.

General Ledger

Track all posted transactions.


Reduces the risk of human error.

Period Closing

Streamlines the process of closing periods.


As simple or complex as your business needs.

Use the default chart of accounts or take full control over the structure and design of your chart of accounts to custom fit  it to your business structure, account clasification and financial reporting needs.

Accounting software with chart of accounts
Accounting software with journal entries


All your transactions
in the general ledger

Easily search, filter and view any posted transaction entries in the general ledger. Also you can print ledger reports or send them by email to your accountant in PDF. 

And with the tracking tool you can track, filter and view any and all changes made to any document in your accounting records.


Total control of your accounting periods

Easily control what periods are open for transactions and journal posting to the business’ accounting records.

Also keep your books accurate by reducing the risk of accounting changes to periods already closed or audited.

Accounting software with Period Closing
End of year closing entries


End-of-Year Period
Closing Automation Tool

Easily run end of the year closing process and automate closing entries and reduce the risk of inconsistencies and human error.

Also your accountant or bookkeeper can quickly re-classify, make adjustments and correct any inconsistencies in the accounting records.


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