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The Inventory Items List

The inventory items list contains all inventory items, including raw materials and finished goods. In this list, you will not find non-inventory products or services.

Inventory Items List

To view the complete inventory items list,

In the main menu,

  1. Click on Inventory, then click on Inventory.

In the header section, you’ll find:

  1. Warehouse menu with the currently selected warehouse,
  2. The Toolbar with advanced filtersfiltered listexport tools, and column display options.
  3. In the main area, we have the Inventory items list.
  4. And clicking on the Actions Menu you have PreviewEdit, OrderAdjust and Transfer.

The OrderAdjust, and Transfer options take us to their respective module windows to complete the action.

Inventory Item Transaction Window

To view the inventory item transaction window,

Transaction window

By clicking on the name of any inventory item in the list, you can see a window with an Inventory, History, and Orders Tabs.

  1. In the inventory list, click an Item’s Name.
  2. In the inventory transaction window, you’ll see the items details and the Inventory, History and Orders tabs.
  3. Click the Close button to close the window.

Inventory tab shows the available stock on each warehouse for this item.

History tab: shows the transaction history for this item.

Orders tab shows us the purchase orders that we’ve made to re-stock this item.