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General Journal

The Journal is the transaction book of a business. All the transactions that are carried out in the company are recorded in chronological order in this Journal. The details of these financial transactions can be derived from invoices, expenses, purchases, receipts, inventory movements, among others.

Viewing journal entries

To view the list of journal entries,

Journal transactions
  1. Go to Accounting, then Journal.
  2. In this journal entry list, you’ll see a list of journal transactions.
  3. To view a transaction’s details, click on the Entry Number.

Journal entries could be automatic, meaning it came from a system module or manual, meaning the entry is a manual adjustment entry. You’ll see a label in the type column indicating Automatic or Manual for each transaction.

Posting journal entries

To post a journal entry,

Post a journal entry
  1. In the Journal Entries list, click on the (+) button.
  2. In the New Journal Entry screen, enter the DescriptionsCurrency and Date.
  3. In the Detail section, choose the ledger accounts with their debit and credit amount accordingly.
  4. To add more accounts to the transaction, click on the (+) Item button and repeat the previous step.

In the Description field, type a descriptive title for the entry. If we need to add notes, you can do so in the notes field at the end of the form.

The Period Closing option tells the system that this entry should be considered as a period-end closing entry and, therefore, can optionally be excluded from the Income Statement report.

Once we complete the entry, click Save.