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Recording bank deposits

Bank deposits allow you to record the deposit of funds received in Cash or by checks into bank accounts.

Recording bank deposits

To record a deposit,

Recording a bank deposit
  1. In the main menu, go to Bank, then click on Bank Deposits.
  2. In the Bank Deposits list, click on the (+) Button.
  3. In the header section, choose the bank account, currency, and date.
  4. In the Deposit Section, we have the tabs: ChecksCredit Cards, and Cash.

We cannot deposit funds in a currency into a bank account with another currency in real life. It’s always necessary to make the currency exchange at the time of making the deposit.

So, suppose you choose an account in your local currency but want to deposit funds received in a foreign currency. In cases like this, the system displays an exchange rate field with the rate to record this transaction correctly.

In this case, the exchange rate would be the one the Bank gave you when making the deposit.

Adding transactions to the deposit

To add transactions to the deposit,

Deposit Tab

In the Deposit Tab,

  1. Click on Checks and check the transactions to include in the deposit.
  2. You can repeat this step for credit card payments.
  3. To add Cash to the deposit, click on Cash on Hand.
  4. Check the Cash fund source and enter the amount on the Deposit Amount column.
Uploading and attaching files

To upload and attach any supporting files,

Files Tab
  1. Click on the Files Tab.
  2. Click on the browse button.
  3. Select the files to upload and click on Open.
  4. Once done, click on Close.

These files will be attached to the document and stored in the cloud. You can view all uploaded documents by going to Tools > Files on the main menu.

Once you’ve added all the transactions to the deposit, click Save.