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Vendor Groups

Vendor groups allow us to set shared common settings for different types of vendors. Although you can define each individual vendor’s settings, it’ll be much faster to apply settings by groups.

Adding vendor groups

To create a new vendor group,

Add a vendor group
  1. In the main menu, go to Masters, then click on Masters Groups.
  2. In the Masters’ group list, click on the (+) Button.
  3. Choose Vendor in the type field.
  4. Complete the general information section.

When we choose Vendor in the group type field, the system will enable features only related to vendors like the Currency and Purchases.

Currency Tab
  1. In the Currency tab,
  2. Choose the currency, the ledger account, and set if this is the default currency for this customer group.

In the Ledger Account field choose the accounts payable ledger account for the selected currency. All payable transactions for this currency will post a journal entry to this account.

Important: If you can’t find an account receivable ledger account for a particular currency, you can always create it by going to Accounting > Chart of Accounts in the main menu.

Make sure you’re choosing the correct payable ledger account for the currency to avoid bookkeeping issues.

You can add new currencies by going to Settings > Modules > Accounting > Multi-Currency.

Purchase Tab
  1. In the purchase tab,
  2. Enable the Landed Cost option if required.
  3. Enable Independent if the vendors are people and not companies.

The Landed Cost option sets if purchases to these vendors require additional costs or go through customs.

Independent sets if the vendor is Person, self-employed, freelancer or independent contractor.

This is essential for US-based business that work with self-employed, freelancers or independent contractors as you will need the Social Security Number in your 1099 Forms.

Once we complete all relevant fields, we click on Save.

Updating vendor groups

To update a vendor group,

Update a vendor group
  1. In the Masters’ group list,
  2. Click on the Action menu and click on the Edit option.
  3. Update any necessary group information.
  4. Click on Save.
Deleting vendor groups

To delete a vendor group,

Deleting a vendor group
  1. In the Masters’ group list,
  2. Click on the Action menu and click on the Delete option.
  3. A confirmation dialog box will appear,
  4. To complete, click Continue.

If can’t see the Delete option, this is because Cashflow only allows you to delete vendor groups that do not have vendors in it. To delete a group containing vendors, move these vendors to another group first and then try deleting the group.