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Creating Recurring Invoices

An recurring invoice is an invoice that is automatically sent to the same customer at regular intervals. These are handy to automate the billing of service agreements.

For Example, let’s say we have a monthly service agreement with a client for a 12-month service contract. We can create a recurring invoice with the service item and set to create an invoice on the day 30th of every month for the next 12 months.

Creating recurring invoices

To create a recurring invoice,

Create a recurring invoice
  1. In the main menu, go to Sales, then click on Recurring Invoices.
  2. In the Invoices list, click on the (+) Button.
  3. Choose the customer, currency, start date and status.
  4. In the Frequency and Document section, we set when and how our invoices should be created and sent.
Invoice Frequency

To set the Frequency, in the Frequency section,

  1. Click on the (+) Button.
  2. Choose that Frequency from the list.
  3. Select, for example, Monthly and choose “every month” to send it monthly.
  4. In the End section, set when to stop this recurrence.
  5. When done, click on Save.

[2] In the Frequency section, we can set how often this invoice should be sent. The options available are: Just onceDailyWeeklyMonthly, or Annually and any periods in between.

By choosing any of these frequencies, except for “Just once”, additional frequency options will appear. We can select Monthly on the Frequency and choose “every month” to send it monthly or “every 3 months” to send it quarterly.

[3] In the End section, we can set when to stop this recurrence. This could be: NeverRepeat x number times or end on a specific date.

Document Terms

To set document terms,

  1. Click on the (+) Button.
  2. In the terms window set the StatusCurrency rate, and Send PDF,
  3. When done with these options, click on Save.

[2] Terms Window:

Status: Sets in which status our invoices will be created.

Currency rate: Sets if we want the system to automatically set the exchange rate at invoice creation.

Send: Sets if we want to send a PDF version of the invoice, to the customer, when the invoice is generated.

[3] In the End section, we can set when to stop this recurrence. This could be: NeverRepeat x number times or end on a specific date.

Content Tab – Invoice Items
  1. Click on the Content Tab,
  2. Choose the Item (Product or Service) and set the quantity. The description, price, and tax will be filled automatically.
  3. To add new items, click on the (+ Item) Button below the list and Repeat Step 2.
  4. To change the order of the items, hold-click the dots icon, drag up or down, and drop it in the order you wish to.
  5. To remove an item from the list, click on the trash can icon on the right.

Quick Note: Keep in mind that if you work with price lists, the item price will depend on the price list defined to the customer or the group this customer belongs to.

Ok, we’ve complete the recurring invoice, now click on Save.

Stop, Resumen or Create Invoice

In the recurring invoices list,

To Stop, Resume or Create Next,

  1. Click on the Action menu
  2. Choosing Stop to stop generating invoices.
  3. Choose Resume to resume invoice generation.
  4. Or choose Generate to create the next invoice in the sequence.

Recurring Invoices Status

Active means the recurring invoice is running and that invoices are being created on the specified Frequency

Stopped means we have paused the creation of new invoices for this recurrent invoice.

Completed means all the invoices have been created, and no further invoices will be created.