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Creating Bundles

Bundles are collections of products or services that are sold together. You can think of bundles as a Christmas basket that includes many different individual items, but that is sold as a bundle.

Creating bundles

To create a new bundle,

Creating a new bundle
  1. In the main menu, go to Masters, then click on Products and Services.
  2. In the Product and Services list, click on the (+) Button and then on the bundle option.
  3. Complete the fields Name, Category, SKU, and Description.
  4. Below we have tabs for Items in Bundle, Inventory, Accounting, and Images.
Items in Bundle Tab

Choose the items included in the bundle,

  1. To add an item to a bundle, click on (+) item.
  2. Choose the item from the options menu in the new line item.
  3. Set the price and quantity. This price could be higher or lower than the item’s regular price.
  4. Set if you want to display the individual bundled items on the sales invoice.
  5. Set if you want to show prices and taxes for each individual bundled item on the invoice.
  6. Set if you want to show the original price and the new sales price on the invoice.
Batch and Serial Numbers Tab

If the bundle is managed by Batch or Serial Numbers,

  1. Choose Batch or Serial Number from the Manage by field.
  2. Choose Per Transaction or Only on Release on the control method field.

[2] Control Method

The Per Transaction control method the system requires you to specify batch or serial number information on every transaction. This could be a purchase, sales, stock transfer or inventory adjustment entry.

The Only on Release control method you only need to specify batch or serial number information on inventory release.

Accounting Tab
  1. Set the ledger accounts for the journal entries generated by the transaction made with this item.

Important: If you’re not a bookkeeper or accountant or don’t know which ledger accounts to choose, don’t worry; Cashflow will set default ones for you.

Images Tab

If the bundle has images,

  1. To upload the bundle’s images, click on the browse button.
  2. Drag and drop files or click on browse to choose the files from your computer.
  3. Select the files to upload then click the open button.
  4. Once done, click on Close.

Once we’ve complete all relevant fields, click on Save

Updating bundles

If you need to update a bundle’s information,

Update bundle information

In the products and service list,

  1. Click on the action menu and then click on the Edit option for the bundle you want to edit.
  2. Update any necessary bundle information.
  3. Click on Save.

Deleting a bundles

If you need to delete a bundle,

Delete a bundle

In the products and services list,

  1. Click on the action menu, then the Delete option for the bundle you wish to delete.
  2. A confirmation dialog box will appear,
  3. To confirm, click Continue.

Note: If you can’t find the delete option, remember the Cashflow only allows you to delete a bundle if is not associated to a transaction.