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Calendar and Events

The calendar tool allows you to keep track of important tasks and events within your business. For example, you can add events for loan payment dates, credit card billing cycles, or even to set the dates to do a physical inventory count.

It is the ideal tool to manage schedules and tasks with recurrences or specific dates.

Calendar window

To view the main calendar window,

Main calendar window
  1. Go to Tools and then Calendar.
  2. In the Calendar window, you’ll find the Calendar’s menu in the left panel and the Main Calendar in the middle.
  3. In the Calendar Menu, you can see a list of calendars available.
  4. To view the events in a calendar, click on the calendar to display its events on the main window.
Adding calendars

To add a new calendar, 

Add a calendar
  1. Click on the (+) New button under the calendar menu.
  2. Choose New Calendar and enter a TitleDescription, and choose a Color.
  3. To create the Calendar, click Save.

When creating a calendar you have the option to choose to create a New or Choose a calendar from the System.

If we pick Choose from System, you are presented with the option to choose a calendar from one of the system modules.

The system calendars pull in the transaction dates from these modules. For example, invoices due dates.

Adding calendar events

To add a new event, 

Add an event
  1. Click on the (+) New button or click on any day on the main Calendar. Both will open the new event window.
  2. In the New Event window, enter the TitleDescriptionCalendar, and start Date.
  3. In the Frequency field, for example, choose monthly, every “All” month.
  4. In the End section, choose Repeat 12 times.
  5. In the Notifications section, set when you would like to get notified about this event, choose Channel, number, period, and time.
  6. To create the event, click Save.

In the Frequency field, you can set the event’s frequency, this could be, Only once or DailyWeeklyMonthly, or Yearly.

If we choose weekly, you can also set which day of the week this event should occur.

For example, if we choose monthly, the System presents you with the fields to set the month interval and when this recurrence should end, which can be: Never, Repeat x number of times or to conclude on a date of your choosing.

We can now see the event and its recurrence in the main Calendar. If the event’s frequency is monthly, you will see the event repeating every month on the main calendar window.